Conquer DeFi with Sharpe Explorer


At Sharpe Explorer, we help our customers leverage the crypto and DeFi revolution to access predictable returns, optimize their portfolio and gain a competitive advantage

Essential Features

 The ability to select, assess and benchmark is key. In order to allow the best investment opportunities to be found we believe in traditional and proven metrics.


Scan curated yield opportunities and easy-to-grasp, comparable metrics in order to find attractive assets.


Strike the right balance between risk and return for your very own needs – match against peers and traditional assets.


Customize your metrics and filter tokens and protocols – build your own portfolio and compare performances and risk-return profiles.

Our Mission 

Endless and diverse opportunities make investing in crypto and DeFi assets extremely complex. We help you abstract DeFi returns and yield generation.

Our solution is going to provide the best and most trusted user experience for investors in the market.

We are going to be the one-stop-shop for the focused and comprehensive assessment of any DeFi asset.

Sharpe Explorer is going to open the door to the world of DeFi and will give you direct access to wallets and DeFi protocols.

Meet The Team

Seize the opportunity and let us grow together.

Fabian Kroll
Chief Executive Officer                               

Agata Oleksy
Chief Technology Officer                               

Jong-Chan Chung
Operations/Marketing Lead & Product Development

Philipp Korff
Product Development                               

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Tobias Mogk
CISO & Engineering                               

Stephanie Sun

Julio Rubio
Customer Experience & Marketing

Esther Jung
Customer Experience